Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Music Update, Week 1 of 52

*****UPDATE***** OK I lied, sue me. Instead of adding a new entry to this post, we'll have an entry every week for the new music update. So with that, back to your regularly scheduled program!*****

Well here we are at the 2nd blog of the year and we're only starting the 7th day, WOW this could be a trend, probably not but hey it is the season for New Years Resolutions right? Right! This particular blog will be the only of it's kind here, BUT, it will get 52 updates (once a week). That's being green right? More info with less space, well something like that I guess.

Each week we ( get our new music from our music subscription service, which means I actually get mail every week other than bills, yeah me!!!!!

Anyway, most professionals DJs subscribe to DJ music services, this Chicago DJ does, and therefore get the new music weekly or monthly all on 1 convenient disc. What's great is:
1. We don't have to buy a whole disc for 1 hit and 19 other lame duck songs.
2. We get the radio edited versions, good for you right?
3. We typically get these discs just as the songs are beginning to get radio play or just before it's getting played on the radio. That means we very often have the song even before you'll start requesting it, good for both of us right? So go ahead and request it, doesn't mean I'll play it :O

Anyway, we thought since iTunes has new music Tuesday we can do it too. Althought it may be on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc... Hey remember it's only one person running the joint here ;) So let's give it a name, maybe simpleTunes, get it like iTunes but not really. Oh well, we're sticking with it, LOL!

Ok back to the original topic. Each week we'll post the new music tracks we receive so for those of you looking to take a sneek peek at the new music that is coming out, here's your chance!

So let's get to shall we? Right O!

Week 1 (1-2-09)
Title - Artist - BPM (Beats Per Minute)
The Fear - Lily Allen - 134
So Close, So Far - Hoobastank - 81
Patience - Nick Lachey - 88
Halo - Beyonce - 80
You Complete Me - Keyshia Cole - 112
Therapy - India.Arie ft. Gramps Morgan - 115
Day Dreaming - Drama ft. Snoop, Akon & T.I. - 109
What Would You Say - Trailer Choir - 86
She Could've Been Mine - Keith Anderson - 68
God Must Really Love Me - Craig Morgan - 97
Honking Antelope - Serj Tankian - 110
I Was Drunk - Royal Bliss - 63
Kids - MGMT - 123
Shout - Black Tide - 85
Not As We (Remix) - Alanis Morissette - 130
Poker Face (Remix) - Lady Gaga - 125
You Gave Me A Promise - Fireflight - 85
I Will Rise - Chris Tomlin - 82

C - ya next week.

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