Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to 2009 and blog

Well here we are, January 2009 and less than one year from Space Odyssey 2010, WOW! Well with the new year we're trying new things at, we're blogging. Yeah we know, finally right? Well better late than never I guess.

Before we get too far there's one thing you MUST know about this blog, don't expect us to be boring, dry and super business like because that's just not what we're all about. It's FUN or nothing for us, enjoy!

As we've all taken notice of it is 2009 BUT what most of you don't know is that in 2009, Simplicity Entertainment DJs will be 11 years old, WOW! We've been providing FUN DJ entertainment for Chicago area weddings and other events for over a decade now, we're pretty excited about that!

Our goal for 2009 is to have even more fun, get to know even more brides and grooms to be, add new entertainment elements to our services and last but not least, keep our blog updated weekly. The whole list seems pretty easy except, well keeping this blog up ;)

Our plan is to update weekly and keep you the readers entranced with fun DJ stories, new entertainment ideas and options, new or fun party trends and of course help you to get to known us better.

In addition to this great way to gather information about planning a wedding in Chicago, you can also be sure to check out our articles page on our website, there you'll find a few articles to give you direction in everything from inviting guests to hiring a DJ, (AHEM)!

Be sure to subscribe to this blog as you'll be dazzled with my charm and wit, hey my wife tells me I have both, as well as some just plain old fun!

See you with the next post.

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WHEW 1 down and 51 to go!

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