Thursday, January 15, 2009

What is a GOOD DJ worth?

Well here may be my first half way serious post in 2009, let's see!

We're going to talk about pricing for a DJ and it's worth so, hang on to your seat!

Did you know great entertainment is your BEST insurance policy for the money you’ve spent? Here in the Chicago area, if you spend $10,000 total for a 5 hour wedding reception and the guests leave 1 hour early, you lose $2000. Right, only $10K for a wedding in Chicago, probably not! 150 guests at @25 a plate is nearly half that budget, WOW!

Did you also know with a $10,000 food and drink menu you’ll spend a MINIMUM of $1500 just for the gratuity and AT LEAST another $625 for tax? That's $2000+ for something that won’t have any bearing on the success of your reception.

Wouldn’t you agree great entertainment IS WORTH MORE than tax and gratuity? Man over $2,000 for tax and gratuity, I’m certainly in the wrong business.

This just in, Simplicity Entertainment is now catering, LOL! Seriously though, let the above comment sink in for a minute. $2000 + just for tax and gratuity!

Did you also know, surveys have shown, the entertainment, or DJ, shares over 80% of the responsibility to the success of your wedding reception? The bottom line is: IF you are working hard on planning a GREAT wedding reception, don’t skimp on the DJ. We want to help you and your guests have as much fun as possible, don't you? Of course you do, we known that (WINK).

Here's something interesting. If you have 150 guests and decided to bring them to dinner and a movie (at McDonalds) for a night of fun, you'd spend nearly $12 per person ($1800 total minus tax) for about 3 hours of entertainment? Nearly $1400 will be for the movie alone, WOW!

OK Skip the above announcement about us catering, we’re NOW a movie theater. That’s $9.00 a person before the popcorn and 96 ounce beverage. Sing it with me, I’m in the money…

Now, what were you planning to spend on your DJ? Skip the movie, wait for it to come out on Blu-ray and hire a GREAT DJ, I know where you can get one (wink!)

Did you know?
of guests surveyed said the thing they remember most is the entertainment
78% of Brides, after the reception, say they wish they would have made the entertainment a higher priority
72% of Brides said they wish they would have spent more time choosing their entertainment

In parting here's something to consider:

The entertainment you choose for your wedding or party is responsible for 80% of the event’s success and the memories you will have for the rest of your life” – Unknown Author

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