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Funny questions for a Chicago DJ

This one's a bit longer but still a fun read, I promise or your money back! Get it, this blog's FREE! :)

You know, being a DJ here in Chicago, I get to meet all kinds of interesting people, some of which can even take interesting to a whole new level but interesting none the less. As anyone from Chicago knows, most people here aren’t afraid to “speak their mind” which usually results in some “interesting” conversations. No sweat, I love interesting. Find out more about me here

Maybe some of you have already picked up on this DJ’s focus for this edition of our blog and some of you may be wondering what this “interesting” guy is rambling about. No worries, I promise I have a point, at least I hope so!

Well back to my point and focus of this entry, interesting and what’s interesting to this Chicago DJ! Well as you can also imagine we DJs get lots of interesting questions from time to time but three really always seem to surface. So now everybody has caught on as to where I’m going, right? Right!

The same three questions are asked to almost every DJ from Chicago to, well, uh, anywhere I suppose.

1. The first of such questions someone will ask a DJ, after learning they are a DJ, is: what radio station do you DJ for? HUH? Now that’s not a dumb question, entirely (LOL) but let’s think about this for a minute.

Almost every one of you has been to some sort of an event where a MOBILE DJ was present correct? Now how many of you have been to an event where a RADIO DJ was present? Exactly, even though there are probably more MOBILE DJs in this city than there are RADIO DJs in the country, everyone always assumes we’re radio DJs. Not sure why, as the odds of running into a RADIO DJ is much less realistic than running into a MOBILE DJ but hey, it is what it is!

2. What else do you do? WHAT? Am I SUPPOSED to be doing something else? C’mon, we’re artists, we DON’T LIKE TO WORK, LOL! Seriously though, most people again ASSUME that being a DJ in Chicago can’t be enough to earn a living. Well they may have a point with the economy tanking as it is, anyone hiring?

Well contrary to that belief, if done right you can make a living as a DJ ONLY. Well that and a wife with a GREAT job, LOL! So here’s a tip: If you really want a song played at the next reception you attend here in the Chicago area, approach the DJ and say “MAN, you’re awesome, I bet you don’t have to do anything else but this to pay the bills, right?” Well maybe it won’t guarantee your song will get played but it well wait a minute, we DJs are ego maniacs, of course it’ll get your song played. Shoot we may even give you the whole CD as a token of our gratitude. Enjoy!

3. The third and final question, for now, is: If you don’t do anything else, what do you do all week? So I thought I’d give you a glimpse into a FULL TIME DJ’s daily routine, ready? Well hang on, this ought to be interesting, here we go! I sleep until whenever, get out of bed and move to the couch for more R&R, eat breakfast, nap, eat lunch and watch TV, a LOT of TV, nap, act busy when my wife gets home, yeah my office is in my home, occupational hazard I guess, then head down to the couch to “rest” from the busy day I’ve had!

Meanwhile hoping the event fairy magically answered the phone, answered questions, set up meetings, sent out contracts, submitted invoices, entered accounts receivable, sent out promotional material, returned missed calls, updated the website, updated the music library, created better planning materials, prepared for the other events she brought me ( the fairy remember), practiced, wrote scripts, cleaned equipment, researched new ways to entertain, created backup music files for events, paid bills and last but not least wrote this blog.

Seriously though, how come nobody ever asks a pro football player what he DOES during the week since he only plays on Sundays? Hmm? Ok valid point, they’re much bigger and may take serious offense to the question, not smart to risk life and limb, I’ll give you that! LOL.
Believe it or not, running a DJ business is a very, very time consuming task. As a full time DJ, I keep office hours all the while keeping all of the plates spinning at once just to keep working. Chicago had hundreds if not thousands of DJs all working to book your events, they’re not going to come to us magically. I wish!

Just because you only see us at the event, don’t forget all of the work it took to get to that event to make it Unforgettably FUN! Nearly 30 hours go into each wedding I DJ, starting from the first call to the minute I’m home after the party! That’s almost one solid week’s worth of work; whew that’s a mouth full, thankfully I typically have a year’s time to get all of that done.
Well, I hope this entry has served you well and properly prepared you to carry on a conversation with a DJ that won’t end with a guarantee you’ll never get your song played.

Enjoy, we’ll see you next time!

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