Thursday, February 19, 2009

Live from the DJ convention, 2009 Pt. 2

Well here I am, just about 24 hours from being home with my family, man I can't wait! Again this year the DJ conference featured a lot of action and information, IF you were willing to put the time in. I went armed this year with a new mission and rules to my mission and thus far I think, well, ok I'll just say it, I was right on with my mission and rules of engagement. Yeah me!

So I promised an update each day, well guess what, it didn't happen, sue me, LOL! No seriously, please don't sue me, I can't afford it, afterall I am a DJ. Ok back to my original point. Since I didn't get an actual update in yesterday, I'll include yesterday and today in this update.

As many of you may well know I am not, let me repeat, I AM NOT a morning a person, except for this week. This week Tuesday, Wednesday and again tomorrow I will be up by 5:30 and down to a networking breakfast by 6:00 am. Yep that's right, I will be attending, in person, a 6:00 am breakfast 3 days in a row. WHEW, that makes me tired just thinking about it.

So why you ask is this Chicago DJ getting out of bed and to breakfast by 6:oo am? It's quite simple really, that was part of my mission and plan for this years DJ convention. During this breakfast I got to share and learn about new ways to do old things. This is good thing for me and a GREAT thing for my clients! Adapt and Advance my entertainment skills, my clients deserve it.

In addition to attending my networking breakfast I also made the time to not only attend but concentrate on a number of seminars ranging in ideas from selling to entertaining and everything in between.

After grabbing some great dinner at Samba the Brazilian Steakhouse in the Mirage hotel, I headed off to a client consultation right here in Las Vegas. Yep, 1700 miles from Chicago and I had a face to face meeting with a Bride and Groom to be, pretty cool. The meeting was great and I really enjoyed talking with them about their wedding plans.

After my meeting I headed back to the Riviera and hit the DJ party at the "Top of the Riv" which featured Otis Day and the Knights and none other than Vanilla Ice. I missed Otis, but heard he rocked the place, awesome. I entered into Rob VanWinkle "Vanilla Ice" rocking his new music and old alike. Yep he did Ice Ice Baby AND Go Ninja Go from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, it was great. He really seemed to enjoy entertaining, cool.

Myself along with a few dozen other DJs got their pictures taken with Vanilla Ice. I also got my pic with Otis Day as well as an autograph. Cool way to close out the party for me :) Hung out a bit and then headed off to bed.

Today was much of the same without Otis and Vanilla :( Great information being thrown around everywhere and I soaked it up. After the seminars Darrell and I grabbed lunch then headed out to check out the Sahara, we'd never been there before. After 4 hours of the Sahara, we headed back and hit the American DJ Gear party. Good food and music. Played with text Live and had a blast. That leads me basically to right now, sitting here updating this post and scratching the top of my right foot like crazy, it won't stop itching :(

Anyway, I grabbed some great new ideas for interactivity for all events AND some new ideas for to grow my Chicago DJ business. Met a few DJs from Chicago whom I had never met before and caught up with old friends from all over.

Well that's probably enough for now. So goodnight all. See you tomorrow!

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