Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Live from the DJ convention, 2009

Well I am now 2 weeks behind on my updates for new music and really, really behind on my other posts, OH well, after all I am 1700 miles from home in chilly Las Vegas, LOL!

Can you believe this? As luck would have it I received an inquiry last week from a bride to be who is getting married in Chicago, yeah I know SHOCKER, bride in Chicago contacting a Chicago DJ eh? LOL! But here’s the ironic part, she currently resides in? Yep you guessed it, Las Vegas Nevada. WOW! I am looking forward to meeting them tomorrow night at the Peppermill. After all I do tell my clients I’ll meet them when and where it’s convenient for them, LOL!

So, each year this Chicago DJ makes the trip to fabulous Las Vegas for Mobile Beat Magazine’s mobile DJ conference. Why you ask? Well a number of reasons really.
· First, I think my wife can use the break from me, LOL!
· Second, it is February, cold Chicago and I am in Las Vegas, not quite a cold, LOL!
· Third and the real reason is to better my business and performance for my clients!

By attending this very conference I take the time to network and share from DJs from all over the world on how to better our service for our clients, YOU! Yep I know, it’s work and fun here but hey, somebody’s gotta do it. Right? Right! I’ll take one for the team.

The actual conference doesn’t really begin until tomorrow am (Tuesday) but there were bonus sessions today to help get the ball rolling. I have been here since 1:30 Las Vegas time yesterday and didn’t do much yesterday but get settled in and met up with a few old friends, then of to bed!

Today started out with a seminar entitled Inspire yourself, Inspire your clients. I LOVED the topic unfortunately the presenter was less than inspiring L. Even so, this DJ did take a few minutes to reflect on business and look at new ways of doing the old things. Good news for my current and new clients, expect to be inspired, that’s my goal for you! It’s time to get excited about your wedding or event, I’ll help!

Tonight was the opening party at the “Top of the Riv”. Not too much happened other than meeting up with more old friends. Above is a pic of the view from the "Top of the Riv". That’s why I love this trip, see old friends and improve the entertainment my clients receive.

My goal is to have a daily update right here from Las Vegas. I’ll let you in on all the new information I have and keep you up to date with the world of this Chicago mobile DJ.

So until tomorrow, have a great night!

PS. New music updates are coming soon, be patient.

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