Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New DJ Music Update, Week 9 of 52

Finally, after this post, this DJ is finally caught up with new music posts but still behind in lots of other things. Well that is until probably until tomorrow when my week 10 disc arrives.
The good news, at least for a number of people, with new music is it seems dance music is making a comeback! This DJ LOVES that! Dance music in the 120+ BPM range is so energizing and can really get a crowd going, even Grandma has been known to "cut the rug" to some great dance tunes at a wedding reception.

Sirius Sattelite and XM Radio have really helped open the doors to new and different types of music in all areas of the world. From Chicago to wherever you live, I am sure you are hearing more new music on the radio and at parties than ever before, thanks to satellite radio!

Gone are the days, unfortunately on the radio, where it would just get played because it was good and people requested it. Now for a song to get played it has to have money pushing it to the radio stations via the record labels then it has to get results or it's adios! Sure you'll hear it a dozen times a day BUT within a few weeks generraly, it'll be gone and rarely played and in with the newest flavor of the week!

I am really not sure where that came from or why I even typed it but there's your lesson in radio play for music for this week! ;) Let's get on to the newest music this DJ has ready to be played at your party!

Rock On (Ver.09) - Michael Damian - 84
Love, Save The Empty - Erin McCarley - 142
Fight For Love - Elliott Yamin - 73
Come On Get Higher - Matt Nathanson - 92
2 In The Morning - New Kids On The Block - 75
Jai Ho! - A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls ft. Nicole Scherzinger - 136
Love Sex Magic - Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake - 108
Amazing - Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy - 73
Sobeautiful - Musiq Soulchild - 67
Old Enough - Raconteurs ft. Ricky Skaggs - 86
People Are Crazy - Billy Currington - 71
Sideways - Dierks Bentley - 108
Pen & Paper - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - 82
Seasons - Veer Union - 86
Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 124
Brother - Pearl Jam - 92
Sandcastle Disco (Remix) - Solange - 128
Love Story (Remix) - Taylor Swift - 129
My Deliverer - Mandisa - 89
Sweet Sweet Sound - Sarah Reeves - 82

There you go, the absolute newest music this DJ has in his posession until later this week! Did you catch the 2 former American Idol singers on this CD? Or how about 2 artists from the 80's making a new comeback?
Anyway, enjoy until next time!

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