Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Chicago DJ Music Update, Week 18 of 52

WOW look at me go, three new music posts in one night? That's just about as fast as time really seems to move as I approach my 40's :0 Yeah I said it, my 40's! As a friend of mine so pleasantly pointed out; as I hit my 39th birthday I had actually BEGUN my 40th year on this place we call earth, WOW!!! Thanks Chris!

Anyway, I may be screaming toward old age and what MAY be left of social security BUT I'm still young at heart. I don't get carded BUT noone ever guesses my age accurately either, "so I got that going for me, which is good!" (name the movie)

So this was the first CD of new music I received in May 2009 and it was ok! Lady Gaga continues to take the music world by storm BUT she slowed it up a bit, we'll see how her newest song fairs over time. Hard Alternative Rock is representin' along with a few "seasoned" veteran country performers in Jimmy Buffett, The Oak Ridge Boys and Martina McBride.

This week's newest releases has quite the assortment of music so you SHOULD be hearing something you like on the radio at any time.

So here they are, the newest songs this Chicago DJ had in his hands to play the first week of May 2009.

Never Say Never - Fray – 81
Stay – Safetysuit – 74
Her Diamonds – Rob Thomas – 88
Love Game – Lady Gaga – 105
Hush Hush – Pussycat Dolls ft. Nicole Sherzinger – 67
Be With You – Akon – 86
Walk That Walk – Dorrough – 80
Download – Lil Kim ft. T Pain – 92
I Just Call You Mine – Martina McBride – 77
Since You Brought It Up – James Otto – 112
Seven Nation Army – Oak Ridge Boys – 124
Summerzcool – Jimmy Buffett – 123
DELETED SONG – Marilyn Manson – 132
Wishing Well – Airborne Toxic Event – 152
Two Weeks – All That Remains – 112
Bible Black – Heaven & Hell – 82
Sulfur – Slipknot – 105
Magnificent (Remix) – U2 – 125
Fading – Decyfer Down – 88

Yep, I deleted one title as it was just waayyyyy too past acceptable. Go figure it was from Marilyn Manson.

So be sure to request any of these songs the next time you are out, your DJ will love playing something other than the same old songs.

See you on the next update! Peace! - The FUN Chicago DJ - Come Be Our Friend

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