Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hiring Experienced Wedding Professionals Pays Off!!!

Hiring Experienced Wedding Professionals CAN save you Time, Money and most of all Heartache!

As you are planning your wedding I would be willing to bet you’ve spend countless hours perusing online articles and wedding magazines to find the perfect (fill in the blank) for your wedding. Well, you’re not alone, over 80% of modern brides turn to the internet for varying stages of their wedding planning. Typically the web is a great source of up to date information about anything, let alone planning one of the most memorable occasions you will ever experience. So kudos to you, you’ve started wisely.

Now as you continue looking around you begin to notice, first this COULD get expensive quickly AND everybody and their friend has an article on hiring a professional BUT, you’ll also notice it’s typically a very self serving hype piece designed solely to encourage you to hire THEM!

You can chuckle; I know you know I’m right. I mean come on, what would be the point on spending your time, money and energy to develop your website and other marketing materials to simply say, don’t hire me? So I guess a self serving article is necessary, to a point.

Anyway, I am done with my ramblings about searching online for anything, now I’ll actually get down to my point. It really is true; hiring an experienced professional for your wedding day WILL save you time, money and most certainly heartache. Now don’t get me started on debating what a “professional” is but, please do take note I also said an experienced professional. Experience is ALWAYS a good thing when you are depending on these people to make your wedding day flawless. The old adage of “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes” really goes a LONG way when interviewing your wedding professionals, trust me please!!!

As I mentioned above, while beginning your planning for your wedding day, you will most certainly become keenly aware that “this ain’t gonna be cheap”, trust me I know and I have the “been there, done that” T-shirt to prove it. Anyway, back to my point. As you begin to have that revelation you may also begin to have a reoccurring thought which accompanies it, “I have to cut costs!” As you learned in grade school, every action has an equal and opposite reaction but let’s try to curb that idea while planning your wedding and I’ll tell you why. Well, actually I’ll let Jan Brenner and Jennifer Ahern tell you why.

As an experienced wedding professional myself, I am always looking for new and refreshing ideas, articles, suggestion and more to keep on my toes. And in my searches, I recently found an EXCELLENT article detailing why hiring professionals will help you much more than you’d ever think. This is a great article filled with perfect examples of why they recommend hiring professionals. Plus it’s very unbiased to boot.

So chances are, you are planning a wedding or helping plan a wedding (or you’re another wedding professional doing the same as me, looking for new and fun ideas) and somehow stumbled across my little corner of the blog world. Either way, as you are planning or helping to plan, please be sure to take some time and not so quickly discount the benefit of hiring an experienced professional (anything) for your wedding reception. I promise you, if you choose wisely, you will be very pleased at the result. Now hiring experienced wedding professionals can’t promise to keep out the wedding crashers BUT, it will certainly ensure even they have a great time at your wedding as well. ;)

Here is the article, enjoy!
Hiring Professionals Pays Off! - The FUN Chicago DJ - Come Be Our Friend

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