Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Chicago DJ Music Update, Week 23 of 52

WHEW!!! finally, I am at least into June with my music updates and it's still only August, LOL! So I am still a bit behind, that didn't stop me from playing the new music or you from rocking out to it did it? Didn't think so, so let's get on to it shall we?

The first week of June 2009's new music update kept right in line with what this DJ's been seeing all summer, nothing super notable in new music releases. I think most artists took this summer off, who knows.

While there's not a lot of "race out and buy it now" kind of new music happening, there is something really for everyone on this update.

The loyal Britney Spears' fans got themselves a new song and everyone's favorite 80's rock band Motley Crue makes an appearance on this music update too. For the R&B/Hip Hop fans Beyonce and Kanye West team it up and for my Country faithful, King George, George Strait keeps pouring out the hits as well. So this week isn't a blockbuster music week BUT, it proves to keep a lot of people happy with current radio play, for now.

So what does your favorite Chicago DJ have to play for you this week? Let's take a peek! Here they are, the newest songs this DJ had as of the first week in June 2009.

Boardwalk – Sugar Ray – 85
Just Another Day – Bernie Williams ft. Jon Secada – 104
Beggin – Madcon – 129
Radar – Britney Spears – 129
Who’s Got Your Money – Tina Parol – 104
Just A Kiss – Mishon – 90
Ego – Beyonce ft. Kanye West – 78
Patron Tequila – Paradiso Girls ft. Lil Jon – 120
Sun Come Up – Glasses Malone ft. Birdman – 95
It’s A Girl Thing – Jesse Lee – 123
Living For The Night – George Strait –80
Don’t Chase Me – Shea Fisher – 111
White Trash Circus – Motley Crue – 134
Help I’m Alive – Metric – 120
Savior – Rise Against – 113
Waking Up In Vegas (Remix) – Katy Perry – 132
Walking On A Dream (Remix) – Empire Of The Sun – 127
Patron Tequila (Remix) – Paradiso Girls ft. Lil Jon – 128
Lead Me To The Cross – Chris & Conrad – 79
Life Is Beautiful – Press Play – 138

Twenty brand spankin' new songs just beggin to be requested on your next night out!

Adios for now muchachos! - The FUN Chicago DJ - Come Be Our Friend

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