Friday, August 21, 2009

New Chicago DJ Music Update, Week 25 of 52

The third week of June 2009's newest music to hit this DJ's hands is actually a pretty decent assortment.

By now I am sure a LOT of people have been to see Elton John and Billy Joel touring this year so I would assume, maybe, that a lot of those people will be happy to hear Elton John has a new song on the new music update. Yep, track # Uno! He also brought along another band from waaaayyyyy back, 2 actually, Earth, Wind & Fire AND Chicago! Wow, it's the AARP music update this week, LOL! Seriously, when you're good, you're good! Congrats to them!

Other notables include Taylor Swift still doin her thing, Fray's version of Heartless and last but not least, 50 Cent shows his vocals again, it's been a while (if I rememebr correctly). I have to admit, I think Kris Allen's version of Heartless beats them all and I am pretty happy he won American Idol season 8!

So, let's move along to the newest music in this Chicago DJ's music library. Here they are:

Electricity – Elton John – 68
Falling Apart – Matt Nathanson – 71
You – Earth, Wind & Fire & Chicago – 84
You belong With Me – Taylor Swift – 130
Plenty Money – Plies – 73
OK You’re Right – 50 Cent – 77
Imma Star (Everywhere We Are) – Jeremiah – 74
Jump – Flo Rida ft. Nelly Furtado – 130
Get Involved – Ginuwine ft. Timbaland & Missy Elliott – 122
The Good Lord & The Man – John Rich – 90
Like A Rose – Star De Azlan – 111
Baby Don’t Go – Steve Holy – 126
Let’s Rock N Roll (Endless Road) – Charm City Devils – 114
Heartless – Fray – 81
Whiskey Hangover – Godsmack – 131
One Day – Matisyahu – 73
Crazy Possessive (Remix) – Kaci Battaglia – 130
Sticky Sticky (Remix) – Alyson – 125
Speaking Louder Than Before – Jeremy Camp – 79
The Lost Get Found – Britt Nicole – 92

So that's it, another 20 brand new songs hitting the airwaves for you this summer. I hope you're enjoying them! - The FUN Chicago DJ - Come Be Our Friend

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