Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Chicago DJ Music Update, Week 33 of 52

And then there were two! Yep, two final updates to the new music update and I am back even! I feel like Tony Stewart charging from the back of the pack to take the checkered flag, man this has been a long time coming! WOOT WOOT!

So I took a break from these backed up updates and ate supper and watched my beloved White Sox give yet another game away and thought to myself, I'd probably enjoy working more than watching this but I managed to fight the urge to be productive and watched the whole debacle anyway! UGH! I did however take a nice walk in the humidity with my wife and Daisy and Cooper (our sweet pups) only to come home and promptly crank the air back on!

Didn't I just say in an earlier post the weather was perfect? I guess I was mistaken, LOL! Actually it was until the night came in and it brought the heavy and humid air, thankfully it's cooler otherwise WOW!

Anyway, what am I doing chatting AGAIN, about the weather? I am "this close" to being caught up so let's talk new music! Last year the New Kids on the Block made a comeback and I guess it's only fitting that the Backstreet Boys do the same. So they did it, this week they have a new song on the new music update. They really never left I see, they had a few songs scattered early 2000's like 2000-2002, 2005, 2007 and now 2009 so who knows what's going to happen. Anyway, they're back on here along with 19 others.

Here are the 20 newest songs as of last week in your favorite Chicago DJ's hands!

Hey Soul Sister – Train – 97
Someday – Rob Thomas – 68
You And Me - Dave Matthews Band – 69
Straight Through My Heart – Backstreet boys – 124
My Wena – Bowling For Soup – 126
Million Dollar Bill – Whitney Houston – 117
Break Up To Make Up – Jeremih – 94
Aloha – Fat Joe ft. Pleasure P – 75
All Eyes On Me – Clipse ft. Keri Hilson – 127
Tie Me Down – New Boyz ft. Ray J – 98
Wired To The T – Durrough – 99
Days You Live For – Mica Roberts – 126
Keep On Loving You – Steel Magnolia – 80
Need You Now – Lady Antebellum – 108
If You Only Knew – Shinedown – 97
Soap On A Rope – Chickenfoot – 84
Where My Mouth Is – Taking Back Sunday – 110
Hero Of The Daytripper – Betallica – 69
Peace (Remix) – Depeche Mode – 131
What Do I Know Of Holy – Addison Road – 77

So there you have them, the newest songs hitting the radio as of last week the 33rd new music update of 2009! Next stop, week 34 and I am caught up! - The FUN Chicago DJ - Come Be Our Friend

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  1. I love Backstreet's new song! Hope I hear a lot of it!


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