Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Chicago DJ Music Update, Week 40 of 52

So we're into the 41st week of 2009 which means we're nearly 80% through 2009, WOW look out 2010 here we come! So with 2010 breathing down our necks how will YOU abbreviate it? Will you simply call it "10" or are you a "twenty-ten" kind of person or maybe you're in the "0-10" crowd. Shoot there may even be some of you who are into the "two thousand ten" camp, no matter what you call it, it's coming FAST!!!

I honestly saw Christmas decorations on display TWO WEEKS AGO!!! I am not kidding and I have a pic to prove it. So I guess we're skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving this year and heading right to Santa, OK!

Anyway, sorry I had to get that out. It all started because this is the 40th new music update of the year and it hit me, it's OCTOBER!!!! but I digress. Anyway, your favorite DJ has some new music to share with you, I hope you're as excited as I am about it :)

I wonder how many of you check out the new iTunes new music update on Tuesday, anyone? Speaking of iTunes, am I the only person not thrilled with the new iTunes 9? Most of it is cool with lots of nice features, even a DJ mode :( but I seriously cannot stand the iTunes store now. The results listing can't be any smaller and missing any more information can it? Anyway, I had to get that out too, bring back the OLD iTUNES STORE!!!! Look for the new FB group, LOL!

OK, so what do you say we get to the newest music in this DJ's hands? It, just like last week, is a diverse group with 3, yes count them 3, American Idol Alumni representin' in this update! Impressive for a "reality TV show". Last week also my Country fans had the week off, well I have good news, there are 4 new Country songs to be hitting US99 or WCCQ real soon! Keep your ears peeled!

I think I've rambled enough so here they are, the absolute newest songs for this Chicago DJ as of right this minute! Enjoy!!!

Who Says – John Mayer – 90
Can’t Stop Loving You – Elliott Yamin – 86
When It Comes To Love (Could’ve Been You) – Foreigner – 113
Live Like We’re Dying – Kris Allen – 92
3 – Britney Spears – 135
I’m Yours – Jason Mraz ft. Jah Cure & Lil Wayne – 75
Video Phone – Beyonce – 78
So Good – Day26 – 61
I Look Good – Charlie Boy – 89
Hell On The Heart - Eric Church – 124
Gotta Be Somebody – Bucky Covington – 116
Backwoods – Justin Moore – 79
Twang – George Strait – 80
Monster – Skillet – 135
Hard To See – Five Finger Death Punch – 112
Substitution – Silversun Pickups – 140
Wheels – Foo Fighters – 81
Bad Habits (Remix) – Maxwell – 132
Dollhouse (Remix) – Priscilla Renea – 129
What Faith Can Do – Kutlless – 69
Safe – Phil Wickham – 76

So there they are, all brand spankin' new. Britney seems to be keeping it under control and Americal Idol continues to flood the new msuic scene and King George, George Strait just keeps doin his thing!

Alright ya'll, I gotta run to a meeting so I am outta here like money from the government! See you next time!

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