Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Chicago DJ Music Update, Week 47 of 52

Can you believe Thanksgiving is in a couple of days? WOW, 2009 has flown by and proved once again my parents were right! They always said as you get older time goes by faster, just like everybody's parents did, and you know none of us ever believed them even though parents had been saying that for millineums, too funny!

Anyway, that whole run on was brought to you by the realization that this week's installment of the 2009 new music update is in it's 47th week. For those not so quick with the math, that means there are only 5 more updates before we start all over with the 2010 updates. The worst part is this means I'm just over 3 months from my 40th birthday, UGH! PLEASE make time stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, I am getting more gray hair so I may as well have the years to go along with it right? DON'T answer, it's rhetorical!

Well enough about the year closing and me getting older, let's get on with the newest music in this DJ's hands. This installment of the new music update there are a LOT of younger bands making an appearance which is good because as you may have heard, Aerosmith is or did or may be breaking up so someone will need to fill their shoes.

This update has 2 songs that have caught my eye or ear. The first is the uncommon pairing and reuniting of Daryl Hall & John Oates along with Jimmy Wayne, did anybody EVER see that coming? What do you suppose that idea sounded like the first time it was spoken? Oh to be a fly on the wall.

Anyway, the next song has me hooked with it's melody and vocals, I am just diggin on Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo. It's inexplicable but I really like the sound of that song, Kudos to Jason. Let's not forget to mention a name from the back when maching in Clay Walker, good to see him back too if you like Country music.

Want to see who else is on this update? Well, read on here they are the 47th update of the new music update starts here...

Don’t Let Me Go – Lareau – 77
Club Love – Cataracs – 111
Crawl – Chris Brown – 88
Big Money – Game – 86
For A Minute – BG ft. T I – 89
Get It Hot – 50 Cent – 94
Say Something – Timbaland ft. Drake – 81
Tip Of My Tongue – Jagged Edge ft. Trina & Gucci Mane – 69
Toes – Zac Brown Band – 65
Sara Smile – Jimmy Wayne ft. Hall & Oates – 71
She Won’t Be Lonely Long – Clay Walker – 113
Love Lives On – Mallory Hope – 67
It’s Not You – Halestorm – 124
Letter From A Thief – Chevelle – 101
Changing – Saosin – 68
Mountain Man – Crash Kings – 78
Beautiful Theives – AFI – 86
Bad Romance (Remix) Lady Gaga – 127
Whatcha Say (Remix) – Jason Derulo – 132
Heartbeat – Remedy Drive – 93

This is a pretty decent assortment of tunes and artists and I can see a good number of them getting airplay on your favorite radio station and popular votes on iTunes as well. Are there any of them you're jammin' right now? Let me know!

Till next time ya'll! Have a GREAT Thanksgiving and count your blessings, we'll see you after the holiday! - The FUN Chicago DJ - Come Be Our Friend on Facebook

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