Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mobile Beat DJ Convention, Day 3

Well my 2010 Mobile Beat experience has officially come to a close and I have some catching up to do on updating all 4 of my readers so here we go.

I am currently at McCarran airport waiting on my "ride" home and I have some time to kill so why not get you caught up also?

Day 3 was a very short day in terms of seminars for me as there were only a couple I thought pertained to me and 2 of them fell at the same time. Since I am not a super hero and can't be in two places at once I had to make a choice. As luck would have it one of the presenters I wanted to see is actually going to be in Chicago... Score.

As every morning begins we had a great discussion at the group breakfast and shared some great information as usual. These breakfast get togethers with Scott Faver alone are worth every penny I spend to attend the conference.

OK, so here's where I left off at McCarran...

So my first seminar I attended would lead you to believe I am stalking Scott but in reality I believed I would get the most out of his seminar and I am glad I went. Scott covered a great deal of ideas to help make my events absolutely unforgettable and I am working on implementing a few ideas right away so stay tuned. I'll share the details as I close in on unveiling these new ideas ;)

The next and last seminar I made it to on Wednseday was about SEO techniques with Jeff Meuzelaar of Music Edge DJ Service. The details would bore most people but it proved to be a good source of information on the ever changing world of website promotion. I actually know a decent amount about this topic so I was sceptical but I did take a number of new thoughts away as well as re-confirmed what I believed I already knew. Thanks Jeff.

The rest of the day was spent catching up with old friends and having some fun. Unfortunately that did mean I missed out on a presentation I would have enjoyed presented by Scott Kartsounes and Darren Hughes of DJ Intelligence. Sorry Darren and Scott.

So the conclusion of this Chicago DJ's Wednesday was a good one as I watched a real party DJ have a blast. Each year American DJ throws a customer appreciation party and this year, IMO, was the best yet with DJ Kool. DJ Kool has one hit some will know but he is an excellent DJ and can get the party rockin'!!! He is quite the humble person and really knew what he was doing. His set was all about old school hip hop from the 80's and 90's, I LOVED it. Pics will be up soon.

Overall Wednseday was a great day and gave me a number of inspirational ideas to make some significant changes in this Chicago DJ service.

So there it is, day 3 of Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2010. Day 4, the final day, will be up soon so check back often. - The FUN Chicago DJ - Be Our Friend on Facebook

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