Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clean heels at any event!

Another million dollar idea I missed out on, why didn't I think of that? LOL!

Well it's April and here in Chicago that means outdoor event season is just around the corner. While outdoor events such as weddings, concerts etc.. are fun, they do pose some problems on occasion. Some of the bad things about the outdoor events are things we all experience, humidity, mosquitos, rain and more but, as a guy, one thing I've never even thought of is having my heel sink into the ground, hmm......

OK, it's 2010, a new space odyssey lol, and you just know someone has a fix for just about anything except going from 80 degree weather to the mid 30's in a little over 48 hours here in Chicago. Anyway...

I'm always on the lookout for some helpful tips, hints and ideas for events and stumbled across this one on my twitter page....

Heel protectors, what a great concept. Now what I don't know is, do they actually work? Again, let's reflect, I'm a guy and have never had to worry about my heel sinking into the ground as I rarely wear stiletto's, LOL! My guess even if they aren't 100%, they'll still help as they spread the "load" over a larger area. OK, I know I am talking about a thing for the ladies and "load" probably isn't the best choice of words so no "hate" mail please, I was simply addressing the pressure of a heel with a narrow span against the ground. ;) OK there's my disclaimer, hope it helps. All kidding aside, these may be a perfect addition to your jewelery box or closet ladies.

For more information on these check out the original blog from Linda Smith Weddings blog right here

Good luck and enjoy the article. Oh yeah, please be sure to post back here if you've tried them and your results. - The FUN Chicago DJ - Be Our Friend on Facebook

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