Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zoosk Girl from Flo-Rida, is it a hit?

Hot new tunes from Flo-Rida, what do you think? Will it be a smash hit? Flo-Rida hit it big with all age groups with Low otherwise known as "Apple Bottom Jeans" lol. Nobody every seems to know the actual name of the song so they typically request it as "you know that song, apple bottom jeans...."

Flo-Rida, along with others has made it a bit easier to play more dance oriented music at events with their high tempo hip hop songs which has been a great thing. Some of his other noteable tunes are "Low", "Right Round", "In the Ayer", "Sugar" and now this "Zoosk Girl" what do you think, will this be a huge Prom hit?

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